TGV Cinemas

Encorp The Strand: 4mm Indoor LED Video Display, Size: 0.58m (H) x 1.73m (W) – Single Sided

Cheras Sentral Mall: 4mm Indoor LED Video Display, Size: 0.65m (H) x 1.80m (W) – Double Sided

Display Type: Indoor Video Display

TGV Cinemas “NOW SEATING” Indoor Video Display

TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd (TGV Cinemas) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tanjong Public Limited Company, and has become one of Malaysia’s premier film exhibition companies. As part of TGV Cinemas’ commitment to ensure the ultimate cinema-going experience, it undertook a transformation exercise in 2010 and saw its new generation of multiplexes sporting a fresh look and feel.

LEDtronics was chosen as the official LED digital display partner for TGV Cinemas as part of their transformation journey. The objective was to realize TGV’s vision in enhancing movie-watching experience, by playing back exciting and dynamic movie trailers on a LED Video Display. Through capturing the undivided attention of movie-goers who are waiting to enter the cinema gathered around the “NOW SEATING” information ticker, TGV is able to maximize viewing exposure of their waiting audience.

The video displays feature a unique slim cabinet design that’s light-weight and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the installation was successfully completed in April and May 2014. The specifications and location are detailed as below:

Encorp The Strand

  • Single Sided Display (without borders)
  • Overall Dimensions: 576mm (H) x 1,728mm (W) x 126mm (D)
  • Wall mounted

Cheras Sentral Mall

  • Double Sided Display (with borders)
  • Overall Dimensions: 650mm (H) x 1,802mm (W) x 276mm (D)
  • Ceiling mounted