5mm Semi-Indoor LED Display Screen

Size: 36.48m (H) x 5.12m (W)

Display Type: Semi Indoor Digital Display

One @ Changi City,

In 2019, LEDtronics embarked on this amazing journey to deliver this unique and gigantic screen, using P5 Outdoor LED modules to create an astonishing experience never before seen. THe LED Display wraps 90 degrees around the corner of both ends, in a seamless fashion to ensure audiences from all sides gets to view the screen. In creating this high resolution screen, we have also opened up the possibilities of the type of content that are able to appear. Already, we are seeing One @ Changi CIty constantly push the limits of their creativity to deliver engaging and delightful contents over our screens. At the end of the day, LEDtronics is proud to have delivered such a cutting-edge and quality LED Display screen.