FTMS College, Cyberjaya

10 mm LED Video Display, Size: 2.88m (H) x 5.76m (W)

Display Type: Digital Billboard

Digital Billboard at FTMS College at Cyberjaya

LEDtronics was tasked to build a Digital Billboard for FTMS College at Cyberjaya.

FTMS (Financial Training & Management Services), established in 1986, is today in Asia and Africa. Its robust and dynamic structure has helped develop and expand its strategic divisions of Education and Training, eLearning, Management and Human Resource Consulting, Publishing, Corporate Outsourcing, eBusiness and IT services.

The new LED digitial billboard was successfully completed in November 2016 and managed to capture passers-by attention in Cyberjaya with its high resolution display and crisp color. The digital billboard will be used to display promotional advertisement, anouncements, up-coming events and full motion video.