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Original article published on 9 September 2016 here: 

Digital signage has introduced a new way to provide audiences with engaging information. From retail to health care, numerous industries are starting to leverage the many benefits of digital signage.

As the digital signage trend continues to grow, travel and tourism organizations are beginning to use live, interactive information to encourage travelers to explore their destination. Digital signage allows tourists to feel connected while traveling by drawing people in and making information more readily available to them.

Here are the top five ways we’ve seen digital signage enhance the visitor experience:


Courtesy of a little digital magic, the young man in this poster really does know when it’s a British Airways plane. And that really is the actual flight number and where it’s flying in from. This is a great example how Digital Out Of Home Solutions can create experiential campaigns that not only elevate the brand, but present an interesting showpiece for the venue.

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