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Giant wave hits K-Pop Square

This remarkable 80.9-meter-wide by 20.1-meter height LED screen display is installed at one of the largest tourist areas in Seoul, the Gangnam District. The enormous screen wraps the buildings and has become the largest digital advertising screen in South Korea showcasing everything from K-Pop trends to other creative contents. In the video, D’strict has created a fascinating project featuring an anamorphic illusion with the title “Wave”.

One of the world’s most renowned Digital Advertising screen recently relaunched. It is now the largest screen of its kind in Europe, and we’re very inspired by the scale of it. Hopefully, a project of this scale can be executed in Malaysia, with LEDtronics helping to make it a reality.

Original article published 23 September 2016 here:

Digital canvas is a new term for displaying digital art onto multiple displays. It’s used to add ambiance and décor to any retail environment. A digital canvas is sometimes referred to as a “digital art-wall,” “video art-wall,” or “artistic wall.” This is where retailers place an array of displays, positioned creatively, displaying scenes of digital graphics or video clips. This includes motion graphics and still-art images. Some use motion with still images. Many retailers are beginning to be extremely creative with programming content for a digital canvas. Many retail-store designers and architects are incorporating digital canvases into their architectural designs.

Synching multiple monitors makes for unique visual effects. Displays used for video art-walls can be spaced apart to create unique design effects. You can mix and match screen sizes, orientations and/or mount them irregularly to develop a one-of-a-kind, visual art-wall that can become a memorable shopping experience. This is different from the traditional video-wall configuration.

What makes an artistic art-wall unique is the content. Images can be choreographed on multiple displays, or can be a single image on all screens. The content can be still images, motion graphics or a video. Designing the content for an artistic art-wall is an art in itself. But if done correctly, it could be an amazing attraction and a real attention-grabber as well as an enhancement to any retail environment.

Using creative display patterns, interior designers can create focal points with endless possibilities for creative expression, delivering a compelling display of art and information. It can generate a desired emotional reaction or build a brand experience.

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In Posnania Shopping Center, recently opened in October 2016, SQM Digital Signage installed a stellar ecosystem of multimedia devices and spectacular LED screens, including Europe’s largest elliptical transparent screen. The installation consists of interactive video walls and tablets. The content management system used is Scala, which LEDtronics uses as well to manage our content.

Posnania Center is one of the largest and most modern commercial buildings in East-central Europe. The most unique solution is an elliptical LED screen suspended in the Atrium with surface of almost 100 square meters and a transparency of 90%. It is the largest construction in Europe and the only one of an elliptical shape and clarity that allows student residences near Posnania Center to view the displayed content.

Check out this amazing engineering and creative feat in the video below!

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