Land / Property Owners

LEDtronics incurs all costs and responsibility related to the new advertising structure.

The size and style of the sign is determined by how the new location sits within LEDtronic’s Development plan.

The new sign structure is a standalone business and is seen as any other commercial tenant on the property would be. We utilise the sign structure for its own clients in order to support the return rental income to the land/property owner unless otherwise agreed.

The tenure of the arrangement can be discussed and agreed to between LEDtronics and the land/property owner. Each site is different depending on the owner’s future intentions for the property, and we are happy to negotiate and work in with these variables.

Each site is assessed with these types of variables in mind. With such a small footprint, It will not affect the everyday use of your property or the other tenants on the property.

Each structure is separately metered, and LEDtronics pays for ongoing electricity through this new meter.

Each arrangement provides for a simple and easy to understand assignment clause, so that the Digital Billboard’s obligations (as with any other tenancy) can easily transfer with the sale.

We take care of the legal costs associated with the new Digital Billboard tenancy arrangement.

You contact us directly by phone at +603-61586688.

Alternatively, you can apply for your property to be evaluated on this webpage by clicking on the link below.