Project Management & Service

Project Management

With more than 1,000 completed installations, we are confident about our project management. Our team consists of experienced engineers, project managers, technologists, and technicians working together to ensure each and every project is finished successfully.

Our Project team typically consists of:
  • Project Manager – Certified engineer to manage the project.
  • On-site Supervisor – Certified engineer with CIDB and NIOSH.
  • Application Engineer – Certified engineer to train end user.
  • Service Engineer – Trained engineer to troubleshoot the system.

Document Submissions

Before the start of the project begins, our team of engineers will prepare a complete set of technical documents for review.

These documents include:
  • Shop Drawings
  • Single Line Drawings
  • System Diagram
  • Gantt Chart Work Schedule
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Warranty Letter
  • Maintenance Report
  • Service Report

Structure Installation

Before the LED is installed, a structure will need to be constructed according to the site condition and requirements. Our team of structural engineers will evaluate the installation location and design a structure that meets the requirements. Our structural integrity and safety will then be evaluated and endorsed by a Professional Engineer before any work is done.

Structures will be designed according to:
  • Indoor or Outdoor Location
  • Standalone, suspended, wall-mounted, unipole, or lattice structure
  • Other architectural considerations or requirements

Electrical Installation

Based on the power requirements of the display as well as the Single Line Drawings created before project commencement, our team of engineers will move on to complete the electrical works

LED Display Installation

LEDtronics has more than 20 years of experience in LED Displays - we not only develop our own custom LED modules based on our specifications, we have also collaborated with LED manufacturers globally to produce both high quality and cost effective products to suit their budget requirements.

Content Management System (CMS)

LEDtronics is able to provide several Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms. From being able to manage multiple screens over the Cloud or local network, to advanced scheduling and more, LEDtronics can help to scale your CMS to your exact display network's requirements.

System Diagram for Content Management Systems (CMS)

Testing & Commisioning

After completion, our project team will run a series of stress tests, and calibrate the colors and brightness of the LED Display


We will provide on-site training, instruction manuals, as well as documentation for the LED Display.

Product Acceptance

At the end of the project, our client signs off on the final product after our team has inspected the quality and condition of the display. We pride ourselves on the successful projects completed and the many satisfied clients we have had.

Service & Maintenance

All of the service and maintenance is done in-house with our team of trained technicians and engineers to ensure all problems are fixed quickly and efficiently.

LED Service Procedure

LEDtronics provides 4-8 hours same business day support for installations in the Klang Valley, and support by appointment for outstation installations.

A typical service flow:
  • Client notifies us via WhatsApp with images or video
  • LEDtronics technicians will attempt remote troubleshooting
  • If unable to solve issue, permission to access the site will be requested
  • Trained engineer will attend within 4-8 hours on weekdays


LEDtronics offers a 2 years parts & labor warranty, and will perform quarterly maintenance on the installations.

Maintenance will cover the below aspects:
  • LED & Electronics Test
    • Power and system tests will be run to check for system failures
    • Color testing and calibrations to be performed
  • Software Maintenance
    • Software diagnosis and checks to be performed
  • Communications Test
    • LED connection to be tested using software
  • Power Supply Testing
    • Voltage checks and electrical component failure tests

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