Outdoor LED Displays: Make A Brilliant Statement

Outdoor LED display and digital billboard Malaysia showing colorful roses

Our Experience Is Your Assurance!

As the leading premium LED display solution provider Malaysia, LEDtronics is the country's foremost pioneer when it comes to Outdoor LED Display & Digital Billboard Solutions. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best LED display and digital billboard products for any applications.

We are building the most robust and spectacular displays in the market. We work hand-in-hand to ensure only the best and most suitable solutions are provided.

Product Specifications


Better Contrast, Higher Brightness

LEDtronics outdoor LED modules are coated in black matte finish to reduce reflection and for better contrast enhancement. Special louvers will be used to shade the LEDs, resulting in a crisp color, higher brightness and better image quality.

Unmatched Value For You

Our innovative designs such as light weight aluminum cabinets, low power consumption, quick maintenance and proven reliability - translates to a more cost-effective product, saving you money and resulting in a greater return on investment.

Extra Durable, Flexible Sizes

Versatile pixel pitch selections from 3mm to 16mm, capable of producing differenct aspect ratios and a wide varity of LED billboad sizes. LEDtronics outdoor displays are built tough, and can withstand punishing Malaysian heats and thunderstorms.

Our Outdoor LED Displays are designed to captivate, inform, entertain, excite and inspire the audience. Here is a selection of our latest installations.

Check out LEDtronics’s extensive back-catalogue of successful digital billboard installations

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Both our indoor and outdoor displays are built from different LED modules that work together to create the big picture. Learn more about what makes them tick!

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