Indoor LED Displays: Uplift Any Interior

Our Experience Is Your Assurance!

LEDtronics can help enhance and elevate your interiors with ultra high definition LED displays. Our flexible display solutions can be tailored for any indoor applications.

We are building the most spectacular indoor displays in the market. We work with you to bring your vision to life.

Product Specifications


Oustanding Visuals, Purer Colors

LEDtronics indoor displays offer enhanced video quality, vibrant colors, sharper images, deeper colors, detailed crystal-clear images with smooth motion reproductions.

Unmatched Value For You

Our innovative designs provide you a more cost-effective product, saving you money and resulting in a greater return on investment. Both flat and curved modules can be used as interior design elements to create elegant space to feature digital art and advertising.

Design Flexibility, Wide Applications

Versatile pixel pitch selections from 1mm to 5mm, capable of ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions for a wide variety of applications including banquets, entertainment, television, corporate, civic, command centres, exhibitions and conventions.

Transform your interior spaces with a brilliant LED display. Here is a portfolio of our past installations.

Check out LEDtronics's extensive back-catalogue of successful installations.

LED Knowledge Center

Both our indoor and outdoor displays are built from different LED modules that work together to create the big picture. Learn more about what makes them tick!

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